The Family Law System is patently behind the evolutionary curve of modern society. While men and women have striven for equality in the workplace and home, between 92%-97% of single parents in the UK alone are female-led.

Regardless of how much of a part the father plays in his children’s lives, following a divorce virtually all of the decision making power passes to the primary carer or resident parent, invariably classified as the mother by our outmoded courts. Yet, despite the ongoing struggle for complete gender equality at work, men are still seen as primary income earners by the same courts, purely by virtue of dated notions of gender roles.

In short, control of the children becomes the route to controlling the finances, family assets as well as the non-resident parent.

Suddenly a parenting power balance appears.

This creates gender divides at home and at work and is a recipe for protracted, cruel and damaging bullying and abuse of non-resident parents and children, often using children as weapons. And this is often undetected as it’s usually the so-called nurturing parent who does the bullying leading to parental alienation or the isolation of the non-resident or target.

This blog, established by Wayne Newton @daddyduwsf, a long-standing voice for change and co-creator of the original Peace not PAS* movement, is generated by a range of contributors: fathers, mothers,  step parents, grandparents, copywriters for those wishing to remain anonymous and extended family from all walks of life.

It is another small part of the growing movement in support of what now amounts to the civil rights drive for equality for fathers, alienated mothers (it does happen to non-resident mothers too), extended family and for children who need to be raised by BOTH biological parents.

One day in the future we will doubtless look back on a situation where there wasn’t 50/50 shared responsibility and rights for both parents as an injustice on the scale of racial inequality, the struggle for civil rights or the denial of female suffrage.

Whether you are male, female, single or engaged, whatever you do, please take the time to understand and support the drive for equal rights for both parents.

Parental alienation is abusive of children and targeted parents alike and with around 4 million kids alienated from a parent in the UK alone, there’s every chance at least one member of your family or close circle of friends will be suffering right now, or soon will be.

It is our intention to gather support, petition, blog ,tweet, write, meet, march and do whatever is necessary to bring an end to what is fast becoming a plague within modern society destroying the happiness and prospects of our children one household at a time.

Spread the word, read and respond to this blog, write a post , be heard and join us on:twitter

We ask that you spare 30 mins a day making a noise for 50/50 rights and responsibilities for both parents.




*while we allow some of our work to appear on a select few websites, that does not count as a blanket endorsement of their activities.


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  1. I’m a Mom in US who has been living what appears to be a totally reverse trend where-in protective, loving mothers are being eliminated completely from their children’s lives, ie divorce by proxy, parental alienation, in addition to abuse, injustices by courts, ex-husbands with sadistic agendas. We have all been played, mothers and fathers, and now it’s anyones game. The system has us so busy fighting one another, fighting for our kids, fighting to survive, we haven’t united enough to put the spotlight on the real culprits. Moms and Dads and children everywhere are suffering and no one is safe. I pray we will see exposures of these atrocities, accountability, oversight, reform, and relief for ourselves, our children, very very soon. Thank you for sharing your painful story. I know how hard it is to write, speak of.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your own story, Bobbie.
    This is day 1 of the new blog and twitter account, but I’ve only just been able to focus the emotions enough to confront an issue, in public, that too many of us have been enduring in private for too long now. Have to confess that in researching and writing I’ve had to re-confront some lurking demons! Not easy!
    Worthy parents wish only that their children will benefit from the mistakes we’ve made on their behalf and the wisdom we’ve gleaned during our brief journey. That’s our job isn’t it?
    The last thing we want is to have our vulnerabilities exploited for financial gain, using our own children as the weapons, which is undoubtedly what the current adversarial legal process promotes. a system where it’s in the interests of the advisors to defer resolution and prolong ill will.
    I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. My heart goes out to you. You’re right, we haven’t united enough and society is much the worse for it!
    But maybe, just maybe, if enough of us see sense, we rally enough support, get the wind behind our sails and remain resolute and passionate,together we may just make a difference and ensure that the landscape of relationships becomes a lot less foreboding by the time our children reach the age when they have to make difficult decisions.
    Stay in touch.


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