A million voices crying out: “END PARENT ALIENATION NOW!”

That may sound like an exaggeration to some.

But it’s a fact.

In the last two weeks, the twitter account @daddyduwsf has reached 1million people, according to the twitter stats alone.

A year ago, when we began turbo-charging the online social media, one of our affiliated sites, PNP, received 7 or so views per post per day. It now receives nearly 200 on the back of much hard work and effort and support from our network.

Of course, we would all prefer to be focused on something else and not to need any form of awareness raising or to rest the voices of protest demanding change. We would very much prefer not to be needed because change would simply have happened and the rights and responsibilities of our children would be properly respected by both parents.

But we so haven’t reached that point yet, sadly!

The journey is just getting started, really.

Because attached to each of those 1 million voices, is a parent or family member, with a heavy heart, eyes red from grieving for a child so loved and yet so distant.

Given the insidious nature of PA, the online presence and courage of those affected is humbling.

While there will always be the armies of detractors and constant skirmishes with the selfish, the narcissistic, the attention seekers, the profiteers and the flying monkeys, we’ve seen off most of them now.

The outpouring of support for one another online is touching. As is the fact that it is growing as the scale of the problem accelerates.

As people’s feedback suggests, in some cases it has been life-saving.

Thank you for the messages and the encouragement.

But to conclude, I thought I should share the words of  a trusted anti-PA warrior only this morning:

“Not sure if I’m imagining this or it is wishful thinking but there do seem to be more and more examples of children reaching out or reunifications happening as a result of the persistence and love of the parents.”

Well, I’m not sure about the statistics, but if we reunify one child for every 100 messages, then let’s type until our fingers run red and shout until our voices are hoarse and sore.




Please note: We will be happy to feature content along similar lines from our community, so if you need a platform, do contact us.

Likewise if you feel you need support with reunification in any way. If we can’t help you ourselves we may well know someone who can.


2 thoughts on “A million voices crying out: “END PARENT ALIENATION NOW!”

  1. The problem is that only the first part of this sentence is true “A million voices crying out”. They’re crying out “I miss my dad”, “Why is this happening” and many other things. That’s why nobody is listening to these crying voices, for they’re all crying about their own issues, and therefore nobody cares. Why aren’t million voices crying out “END PARENT ALIENATION NOW!”? Because 99% of the population aren’t aware of such a term! Children who are being alienated do not know they’re being alienated; alienated parents have no idea there’s such a thing as alienating them from their children; alienating parents are so sure they’re doing the right thing [they often call it “justice”] – and no one, no one will step out of the crowd and speak up. And if he does, he will quickly be shut up.
    If indeed a million voices would cry altogether in one voice, maybe someone would begin to listen. Keep on writing online, keep on posting articles, keep on making people aware. Maybe one day, a billion voices will cry out and actually be heard and understood!


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Vadim. While I agree with you that there are too many self-interested parties which may be understandable for individuals fighting a public and private battle, wider and more personal, the point of this post is those 1 million voices. The @daddyduwsf twitter account is dedicated to PA. The reach of 1 million in 2 weeks means that those PA related tweets, all about raising education and advancing awareness and tools and tactics for battling PA have reached 1 million people. It certainly is not enough and SO much more needs to be done, but that’s a hell of a lot of exposure and it is growing all the time. Hopefully you taking the time to interact in this way will also help and thus the movement continues…and continues……

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