Parental Alienation

The Three Types of Parental Alienation Syndrome Families

Based on my more recent work with these families, I have divided them into three categories: severe, moderate, and mild. Although there is actually a continuum, and many cases do not fit neatly into one of these classifications, the differentiation is still important with regard both to psychotherapeutic and legal approaches. If evaluators are to provide the most judicious recommendations, it is vital that they determine first the proper category in which the family fits. In each category I will discuss the mothers, the children, and the appropriate psychotherapeutic and legal approaches. I will use the mother as the example of the preferred parent because this is the case in the majority of such families. My explanation for this disparity has relevance to my theory of the causes of this disorder. However, the same considerations apply to the father when he is…

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End Parental Alienation – light a candle of hope

candleOne of the benefits of social media is the growing sense of online community. It can be a powerful way of communicating and is increasingly a source of information, help and support.
Anyone who has suffered or is still suffering the relentless pain of separation from their child or even children knows that it’s a pain that ebbs and flows but never, ever subsides. It is triggered by the simplest of things, an image, a noise, a scent, a memory, a kind gesture or a harsh word. We need all the help we can get simply to subsist and certainly need to unite if we’re to shake and destroy this disease, a blight on our generation.
One of the pathfinders at the sharp end of the anti-PAS movement is someone known to his Twitter family and friends as @fatherscontact. If you’re on there look him up. One of his inspired initiatives has been to create a series of what can only be described as collages of love and hope, an outpouring of affection from estranged parents worldwide for their missing children. It’s a way of reminding us all that we’re really never alone.
Take a look at the candle vigil he coordinated this month as a way of estranged families reaching out to the very many absent children who, owing to the misplaced malice of just one parent, are being abused by being denied the ongoing love and affection they deserve. He’s doing some wonderful things so please do get involved with the community if you can. Sadly, in the absence of shared parenting legislation, while our children are the gateway to family assets and while the epidemic of amoral behaviour persists, our children need all the help they can get.
Out of the darkness You will ride
You will ride by this candle light
A light of hope and love a new
By all who light a candle for you
Those who have not seen or felt your pain
But give you love and support all the same
For I have walked in your shoes
That’s why I write these words for you